Sigrid Tune

Thank you for your viewing. My life is all about creating art. It's like problem solving. Ie: you see something in your minds eye, you "visualize "it and solve the problem of how to create that image.
Also offering commissions to paint your vision or family members, which by the way, if it is an Oil
Painting, it will pass through your family for generations. Oil is a lasting medium. Acrylic is also a good
Medium, but oil surpasses the visual test. Painting is time consuming and very relaxing and enjoyable .
It makes you able to actually create from your own hand and mind. It's you, not a computer. Your brain at work. I love it. People are retiring and are asking for lessons. I will see how I can offer that at a small
And affordable fee. Maybe get a group together here on these 3 acres. Nice outdoor art space whatever
Your medium is. If you're messy, this would work here...uh, outside. If you read this and live close by,
Call and visit or ride your horse over 🙄after phoning, I'll open the electric gate. (951)378-4517 sigrid


Peachypink Tulips by Sigrid Tune


Flying Lamb Productions Its Friday - Sundays Coming by Sigrid Tune


Dazzling Dancer With the Muse by Sigrid Tune


Flying Lamb Productions Light the YES Candle by Sigrid Tune


I Wanna be a Palm Tree by Sigrid Tune


Blue Cat Productions The Red Horse-floorcloth by Sigrid Tune


Protecting the Herd - UNITED We Stand by Sigrid Tune


Perris Early Sunburst by Sigrid Tune


Sunrise Overall America a Christian Nation by Sigrid Tune


Beaded Elephant by Sigrid Tune


Sky in the Morning. Sailor Take Warning by Sigrid Tune


Storm Coming Blue Cat Productions by Sigrid Tune


HISTORICAL ART American 1937 Jazz Musicians The Teddy Hill Orchestra by Sigrid Tune